How to Set Up a Gaming Headset on XBOX ONE – Astro A40 – Astro A50 – Turtle Beach

How to Hook Up a Gaming Headset to XBOX ONE – Astro A40 – Astro A50 – Turtle Beach – Tritton Please support the video by giving it a “LIKE”. Thank You! —–…

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    23 Responses to “How to Set Up a Gaming Headset on XBOX ONE – Astro A40 – Astro A50 – Turtle Beach”

    1. manufan4eva says:

      If anyone is good at soldering, do this, this is what ill be doing, as im
      not going to touch the included mic. Im not giving Microsoft money because
      they decided to make it proprietary. Then you can just connect it to your

    2. Anthony Perez says:

      I used my a50s on the ps4, but there is no one there to talk to lol, that’s
      why I always end up playing on the xbox more, so far I like both consoles. 

    3. Vicente Flores says:

      I want a headset that will work with my pc, ps3 and xbox one. Will this do
      the trick? Please answer.

    4. Micah Dolak says:

      i hooked up my Tritton 720+ to it via optical to receiver and still get no
      audio out any ideas?

    5. xHomicidev says:

      How can you hear other people’s voice throug my astro when using this

    6. XxShadowCrushxD says:

      Microsoft loves to push peoples buttons they should have put dolby digital
      because almost all surround sound headsets use it

    7. Majestic Llama says:

      Is there any way I could set up my headset that has the red and white audio
      cables without using audio outputs, which my tv doesn’t have.

    8. TheBlackdragon936 says:

      Add me on xbox one and I can help you get better and killer instinct. I
      also have A50s. I don’t know how I ever lived without them. Add me

    9. Theway says:

      use Skype its simple

    10. William Melendez says:

      My Astros A50’s work perfectly fine on my ps4 . Chat and Dolby sound !
      (Thank you Sony) However , on my Xbone you need an adapter . I just sent my
      headphone that came with the system to a seller on eBay and he’s going to
      mod my stock headphone as an adapter . You guys should check it out , on
      ebay just search “xbox one adapter “

    11. Jacob Larsen says:

      Astros suck, Tritons suck, Turtle Beaches are shit. 5.1 headphones are a
      GIMMICK. The soundstage in my Audio Technica A900s will crush any of your
      POS “5.1” headphones.

      If you want to hear where your enemies are coming from buy some real
      headphones from a real headphone manufacturer. If you want to hear loud
      bassy explosions buy one of those fisher price toys sold at Gamestop.

    12. IsXp says:

      I’m having significant less audio. I play Cod Ghosts, but I can’t hear foot
      steps half as well on the Xbox One, anyone having this problem aswell, or a
      way to fix this?

    13. Kyle Abe says:

      When using my A50 and the xbox one controller mic around my neck I can’t
      hear any chat voices at all. What the hell do I do to make this work?

    14. Roman Alcaraz says:

      So I’m using the xpsevens and the game audio won’t work I dont understand? 

    15. rEjEcTsUrBuLetZ says:

      Can you do anything like this with the x12 headset ???

    16. nuck Chorris says:

      can someone help me, please?
      can someone explain to me slowly how to use turtle beach px11 headset for
      game audio? i don’t need to hear other people because i use skype, i just
      want to hear game sounds. i need to know what cables i need for my headset
      and what i do with those cables. i came from ps3 so i have no idea what you
      need for xbox. any help would be appreciated 

    17. allegory435 says:

      Wait lol I cant use my $250 headset to talk on the xbox one …

    18. Frank Woods says:

      I think they came out with turtle beach and Polk gaming headsets for the
      one it’s on the website check it out 

    19. Tibor Lipcsey says:

      If I use my old headset with the Xbox One will it play the game sounds?
      Just the chat function is not going to work right? Please help me because
      I’m a little bit confused. Thanks 

    20. Brock0003 says:

      Please be 3.5 mm, trying to find a 2.5 mm is a bitch.

    21. Adam Davis says:

      turned out after screwing with my new a50 for two trying to figure out why
      tf is wasn’t working at all.. it ships with a shitty optical cord that was
      never making a good connectiong. after trying another optical cable I had
      it worked right away. wtf.. I was moments away from taking this thing back

    22. S3AWOLF says:

      If you have a reciever that does DTS can you just hook your headset up to
      your reciever? AND can you still use your mic with it hooked up to

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